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The latest from the Dokix blog

  • Website moving hosts

    Over this weekend, I will be migrating our website over to the fabulous WPEngine, which is the fastest WordPress hosting platform in the known universe. The upgrade is begin done to support the upgrades to PDF Scan Pro and Home Document Manager which are due next month. Expect some intermittent outage and other funniness. Hopefully, […]

  • Activation Server is Down

    We’re having a problem with our activation server at the moment. I updated the server today and it hasn’t come back up properly after its reboot. This will mean that new installations of the software will not be able to activate for the next couple of hours. Apologies for the inconvenience, needless to say I’m […]

  • Babies, delays and hackers

    It’s been quite an eventful week here, so I just wanted to update everyone. First of all, the dokix.com website was compromised via a PHP script exploit around a week ago. This was not a quick process to fix in the first place, but was delayed even further by the arrival of our 5th child […]