Top 10 Reasons To Go Paperless

1. Find documents more easily

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend looking for lost documents? Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), our software can ‘read’ the text on your documents, meaning you can search for a particular word or phrase across thousands of documents in a fraction of a second.

2. Work more effectively

A paper document can go in just 1 folder (or pile). Electronic documents can not only be found using search, they can be organised into folders and assigned multiple tags. e.g. A scanned electricity bill could be assigned the tags ‘bill” and ‘not paid’. Fans of systems like GTD will appreciate this.

3. Backup

How do you backup a paper document? Photocopy it? Electronic documents can be easily backed to another hard drive, to DVD or to one of the many online backup services available.

4. Accessibility

To view a paper document, you need to be near your filing cabinet or wherever that document is. Electronic documents stored online can be securely accessed over the web wherever you have an internet connection.

5. Save space

Paperwork has a habit of expanding to take up as much space as it is allocated, then it overflows. Going paperless means a lot less clutter. You can replace your filing cabinet with a scanner and piles of unsightly paperwork will become a thing of the past.

6. Security

This one comes with caveats. If your home is broken into and documents stolen, your nightmare might just be beginning. In the hands of a professional ID thief, your documents could be used for obtaining credit, or even obtaining passports. When it comes to electronic documents, the sky’s the limit with security. You can encrypt files and even entire hard drives easily. Documents stored online can be protected by a strong password.

7. Environment

This one has to go in there. Like it or not, printing documents hurts the environment. We can mitigate this damage by shredding and recycling our documents once they have been scanned.

8. Collaboration

Many online services now support collaboration for electronic documents, something that’s hard to achieve with paper, unless you’re in the same room.

9. Bribes

It’s an ugly word, but many companies (particularly utility companies) will now offer you financial incentives to receive your bill/statement electronically.

10. Save  on printing costs

Cost savings aren’t just for the utility companies. Electronic documents can be sent by email. Sending a copy of a paper document  is somewhat more expensive and…cumbersome.

Can you think of any more good reasons to go paperless?