More Scanning Options Added

Evening all.

I’ve just released an update for Home Document Manager that adds a bit more control over your scanning process. I won’t keep you long, but I thought it would be useful to go over the new options and tell you what they do:

Use Automatic Document Feeder – If you’re using a multi-function printer or a dedicated document scanner, you probably have an automatic document feeder. It’s the bit into which you feed a pile of papers for scanning. Previously, this was automatically enabled if sheets were loaded into it. This just gives you the option to disable it.

Two-Sided (Duplex) Scanning – More advanced document scanners can scan both sides of a sheet of paper in one go. Previously, you had to use the “Custom Scan” option to enable duplex. Now you can use the built in scanning profiles.

Auto Rotate – This will automatically rotate documents to be oriented in the correct way. This has always been enabled, but now you can turn it off if you are encountering an issue with a “problem” document.

Auto Deskew – If your scanner is anything like mine, when you scan a document, it seems to always go through at a slight angle which can reduce the accuracy of the OCR process. This option will automatically deskew an image before OCR’ing it, improving the accuracy.

Auto Despeckle – Some documents, particularly scans of newspapers, old documents, books etc., have tiny marks or “specks” on them. As well as reducing readability for us humans, it can also interfere with the OCR process. This option will automatically attempt to remove these specks from the document.

As usual, no action is required on your part. Home Document Manager will update itself when an Internet connection is present.

Thanks to David for the suggestion which prompted this change.

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  • Sharon Brides


    I have a small business (art) and have lots of receipts, tax info, business cards, and mailing lists or e-mailling lists. I need to have a simple program to scan(scanner which I have on my printer) and I maintain and organize all my paperwork which seems to keep piling up. I would like something very simple as I am not very proficient on the computer. I guess I need something that would think for me. Will your program do that for me?


  • tim

    Hi Sharon, I can’t guarantee that Home Document Manager will think for you, but it’s certainly pretty easy to use. It’s designed to be familiar to anyone who has used Outlook.

    If you get stuck, I’m always happy to help.

  • Jason

    wow, this is a great one.

  • John

    Can you initiate a SnapScan (S1500) scan from within Home Document Management?

    Is there a direct interface with SnapScan?

    I know that, from SnapScan, I can scan to a directory, but that’s a VERY cumbersome method of getting scan where I want them.



  • Michael

    Tim, I’m with Sharon. I’ve never used Outlook, and the older I get, the less computer literate I become. I am looking for a program that I can use to keep track of stocks & bonds, consumer product warranties, medical EOB’s, etc.


  • Michel Duhaime

    I was curious: why must a scanned document be wrapped in a PDF File When It’s completed. I really find PDF To be a Pain.

  • Tim

    Document archival is currently intended to be “idiot proof”, with as few options as possible. In the v2 of HDM and PDF Scan Pro, I am adding much more control to the process of scanning documents.

  • Tim

    Hi John, unfortunately not, Fujitsu don’t provide a TWAIN driver for the Scansnaps, so you’re limited to the “workaround”.